The organizers of democracy festivals are gathering to Paide

The leaders and team members of democracy festivals are coming to Paide for the annual meeting of Democracy Festivals Association. The meeting is happening in Estonia for the first time and Paide will host guests from six different countries. 

The annual meeting takes place every year after the festival season. This year it’s happening from the 27th to the 29th of September. Guests are arriving from Northern Ireland, Latvia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Turkey. The purpose of the meeting is to look back on previous festivals and learn from each others mistakes and successes. This way, future festivals can be organized in the best possible way.

Hosting the meeting is a great opportunity to show our guests how and where Arvamusfestival is being organized. Also, all the democracy festivals are very unique and different from one another. Therefore, there is a lot to learn from each other. For example, Arvamusfestival is unique for the fact that we have a lot of volunteers and for how much effort goes into planning the content of discussion panels. 

The previous annual meetings have given a lot of inspiration on how to organize festivals in a more sustainable and efficient way. This year the purpose is the same. In order to share experiences, different discussions in different forms will be taking place. Furthermore, the meeting will help to exchange contacts, so that the organizers of different festivals can always reach each other to give or receive advice.

More information about the Democracy Festivals Association is available on democracyfestivals.org

Vabatahtlikuna festivalil

Elumuutev kogemus

“Nende inimestega koos tegin ma ükskord Arvamusfestivali!” on lause, mida sajad inimesed saavad Arvamusfestivali pildigaleriid vaadates rahulolu ning uhkusega öelda, sest Arvamusfestival saab teoks just tänu vabatahtlike tööle.


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